Isivande Fish & Koi Ponds

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Isivande Fish and Koi Ponds are a professional company specialising in koi and fishpond construction and maintenance, for all types of outdoor fish such as koi and goldfish. Read more »

Pond Equipment

We sell spares and equipment for ponds, swimming pools and wetlands. We can help you install it otherwise we will supply the new equipment as is. View our equipment

Pond Construction

We build ponds from scratch, repair existing ponds and can convert swimming pools to ponds. There is only one way to build a pond, and that is the right way. More on the ponds we construct

Completed Projects

View our recently completed Koi pond designs and construction, as well as our repaired ponds. The best way to judge our work is to see it for yourself. Read more of our completed projects 

Koi for Sale

Isivande ONLY imports A Grade Koi from Israel, that are bred indoors in a Kibbutz; this lowers the risk of the Koi getting diseases and infections. Read more