Koi Pond Electrical SwitchboardsIsivande build switchboards for professional Koi enthusiasts with beautiful Koi ponds. All switchboards comply with electrical laws. The boards are metal and powder coated. All switches are selector type with a pilot light showing which pump, UV light or pond light is on. The board is also fitted with a three prong plug on the side for the use of  power tools etc. All incoming cables from various pumps or lights are wired to terminals for easy identification, removal or maintenance on switchboard. Pumps are switched through contactors inside the board.
Koi Pond Electrical Switchboards

The board size is 600mm x 400mm x 250mm. This board can be wired to handle four pumps and required UV lights and can also handle four pond lights 12v. This board is IP 55 and can be fitted outside but this is not recommended as the sun destroys anything in a couple of years. It is always advisable to place all equipment pumps, UV’s inside a pump room or under cover from rain and sun.

This specific board retails for R 6500.00* excl. VAT

* Prices subject to change without prior notice.