Pond Maintenance

We offer monthly or one time calls outs for water checking and fault finding. Monthly maintenance includes two call outs within 15km from our base in Bramley, Johannesburg when we check pHh, temperature and salt content, as well as backwash and check for faulty and worn equipment. Please note that UV lights have to be changed every 6-8 months maximum. Change your koi sand at least once annually. Regular maintenance will ensure longer life of filters, sand, uv lights pumps etc. Monthly maintenance includes 4x visits @ R 285.00incl. per week, or 2x visits @ R 399.99incl. per week. For a once off call out and assessment the fee is R 700.00incl. Prices can change without prior notice or changes on this web site. Contact us for up to date prices and information.

Pond Repairs

We do repairs to all ponds and specialise in hardware like replacement parts and pvc piping repairs. To see a list of our fish pond parts and spares, click here.