Isivande offers weekly or fortnightly maintenance contracts to our clients providing all equipment to sustain a pond is fully operational. For larger ponds i.e. in excess of 8 000L, we recommend weekly visits and for smaller ponds fortnightly, providing maintenance in alternate weeks is done by the owner.

Clients can opt for 6 or 12 month contracts with annual increase notifications 30days before the contract expires, for renewal.

Why is maintenance important?

Water maintenance is what all Koi keepers are striving for, not looking after the Koi. Koi look after themselves, if the water is maintained properly. All you have to do is feed them correctly. Do not over feed and do not feed if water temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius. Koi food that is not eaten breaks up in the water and becomes protein in the water same as there excrement. About 35% of the food is not digested. The second problem is ammonia in the water caused by koi urinating in the water.

To address protein and ammonia you need Bio Filtration and Ultra Violet Clarifiers. A 10% water change per week is absolutely necessary to assists with removing the above mentioned. Getting rid of debris on the pond floor is also necessary to avoid breeding places for parasites. Never think that when you have clear water you have healthy water. Most people think that when there water is clear, they do not have to backwash, NO, NO, NO… When your water is clear it only means that you are filtering correctly. Whatever you are capturing in the Sand Filter must be removed in its entirety to waist. When backwashing you must stir the sand and backwash two to three times to ensure the sand media is clean.

Services include checking ph balance of water, backwashing pond; adding salt (where necessary), checking and stirring of sand, filters and UV lights, as well as ensuring pumps and thermostats are in good working order. Additives like koi salt and bio boost are extra, but this cost is minimal. An average of 20-60 minutes per week is spent maintaining the water ensuring hassle free, clean and healthy ponds can be enjoyed by fish lovers, depending on Pond size. The cost includes travelling to and from customers, plus time spent on site. All equipment is checked on visit days, and required repairs is noted to customer for approval.

In the event equipment needs upgrading or repair is required, a quotation is issued for acceptance prior to work being done, for clients’ approval.

We boast of clients in Wynberg, Sandton and Dainfern both with ponds in excess of 40 000L who have used our services since December 2009 when contracts were first offered, and many more who have joined since.

For peace of mind, we highly recommend clients use our services thus ensuring fish health and equipment longevity.