The auto feeder is for serious Koi enthusiasts. People working long hours and keeping Koi sometimes forget to feed their Koi at regular intervals. With the auto feeder this is a thing of the past.

This feeder designed and built by Isivande has a solar panel to reduce your carbon foot print. No wires running to a plug far from your pond. No chance of electrical shock if the koi feeder lands up in your pond. No lightning strikes through power points. No burnt electronics due to electrical power spikes after failure when power comes back on.

The auto feeder has the following functions:

  • Easy to operate
  • Five programs giving you five feeds. Program 1, time to come on, duration of feed
  • Totally and proudly South African

Koi eat up to five times a day depending on water temperature. Click here to view our Pond Food Regulation Chart for Koi Fish. This unit has up to five feeds per day. The unit can be set for five feeds per day. So you set five feeds at different time intervals for temperature 25-28 C°.


If you want to feed less you simply set some of the feeding time durations to zero and the feeder wont feed at the set time. It is better to feed 5 times per day in smaller amounts than to feed once per day in a large amount. The auto feeder holds five to six kilograms of food. Food can be pre mixed for instant small, medium, large,colour enhancing and growth pellets added to feeder. This ensures that your Koi get all the protein and spirulina for colour enhancing necessary.