Equipment installed 10 years ago can be seen today as obsolete, very high energy usage increasing your carbon footprint dramatically. This pump station had a noisy 2.2kw pump ( Appr. R 500 000 per 10 year cycle). The swimming pool sand filter 7 bag was buried in the ground with no access to the sand to stir before backwashing. The UV clarifier’s were mounted in the open, thus exposed to the elements. Equipment exposed to rain and sun lasts about 2-3 years. Two 50 litre bio filters 1.5m tall were also buried in the ground. (see picture below). All the equipment was dug out of the ground and banished from the site including the 2.2kw coal gusling pump.

Isivande then installed three 1200 square slabs, two ECO pumps (R 200 000 per 10 year cycle). The Bio filters were re-manufactured into four 25 litre bio’s and fitted in an enclosure along with the UV clarifier’s. The two ECO pumps along with the two Fibreglass filters were installed in two other enclosures. The second pump only runs in the day time thus reducing the electrical bill even further. (see pictures below)