Isivande recently completed two ponds inside a office park in Bryanston. The ponds are off a very modern design. The design features a still pond concept meaning there are no waterfalls or other falling water to disturb the view into the ponds. Each pond has a main pond overflowing into a chamber from where the water is pumped back to the main pond thru a large pump station located under a decking area 6m x 2m x 1.5m. The main pond has four bottom drains for wasting debris during maintenance. The main pond can be used on it’s own as a fully functioning pond if maintenance is done on the chamber section. The six meter granite over run manufactures the oxygen required for the koi pond. Each pump station consists of two 1.1kw pumps, four 5 bag koi filters custom built by Isivande, four 50 litre bio filters and four 55watt UV clarifiers. The two pump system ensures that the pond is always operational in the event of a pump failure. Each pond is finished with six hundred square black tiles with aluminium corner sections. The pond inside surface is finished of with charcoal marbilite. The ponds are located in a atrium section inside the buildings visible to the surrounding offices from floor and second levels.