Isivande completed this large Wetland pond in Dunkeld. The pond consists of a 15 000 litre wetland section with one hundred plus indigenous plants to filter the water. This section is a Eco system with frogs, crabs, dragon flies and various other species of insects. From here the water flows into a second wetland section 2000 litres, into a small pond 2000 litres, down a river section into the main koi pond 15 000 litres where the koi are housed. From the main pond the water exists thru another wetland filter system to the pre filter and pump station. Inside the main wetland is a 90 watt ¬†high volume low pressure pump delivering 18 000 l/hour to filter the water thru the wetland stones. No UV’s or other equipment is required using this system. Note the water inlets bubbling thru various inlets into the Wetland area.