Oxygen is one of the most important elements in a koi or fish pond. Ponds need a lot of airation in the water for your fish to breath. Fit a 25mm or 50mm venturi to your inlet into the pond. Remember you can never have enough oxygen in a pond, and never switch of pumps (air pumps, fountains, water pumps etc) as they need to run 24/7.

At night, algae in the pond gives of carbon dioxide and in the day oxygen, hence even more reason not to switch of water flow pumps etc. at night. The hotter the water gets the less oxygen content is in the water.

Fish extract oxygen from water through their gills. Extracting oxygen from water is no mean feat, so don’t starve your fish of this vital commodity. There are many ways to aerate water- waterfalls, fountains, rivers and venturies. A venturi simply fits onto your 50mm or 25mm inlet in to your pond. The venturi draws in oxygen through a 16mm pipe above the waterline in copious amounts into your pond. The bubbles are large and there is no chance of bubble sickness. Don’t buy or try to make venturies yourself, it is not worth the effort.

At the cost of R 112.00* it is not worth trying to copy a tried and tested product.

Air pumps also work but they use electrical power and do break down. Air pumps are useful when moving fish or placing them in a temporary tank while draining or cleaning a koi pond.

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