This pond built into a stoop area was a project that needed attention. The pond was 5000 liters with a submersible pump and a few plants. The water was always green and murky. This space looked very empty and uninteresting.



The first step was to build a water fall and small river behind the water fall.

The second step was to build a water garden next to the existing pond from railway sleepers and a pond liner to seal it. The water garden is a still pond that over runs into the main pond  via stainless steel over runs with blue LED’s underneath.  This water garden is filled in with various plant and small fish. This pond has 7x different inlets into the pond. The pond is now 6000 liters with a pump station, pump, 3 bag fibreglass filter, bio converter (trickle tower) and UV clarifier. The surrounding area decorated with various pots, sleepers etc..  A sun room is added with roll down curtains, sleeper wood seating area, antique stove still functional and fire place for winter (that is removable during summer). This is a year project for DIY enthusiasts, but well worth it.  Masses of bird and insect life visit this area during summer and winter as it is a source of drinking water.