Isivande has completed a complete rebuild of a leaking koi pond with huge vortex filters taking up huge real estate. The pond vortex system was completely removed at the rear of the pond. A slot 3m wide feeding water into the pond was removed and bricked up. All the old tiles removed from the wall. The old sand filters and bad piping was also removed and replaced with a 5 bag Collins plastic bead filter-blower system. Two stainless steel spouts 400 mm wide were fitted. These water curtains add oxygen to the water combined with a venturi inlet into the pond water. The venturi also assists with water movement in the pond. The wall was then finished of with slate tile sections over the spout areas. A column 600 mm square was added to the centre of the pond for future decorative feature.  The inside pond perimeter was fitted with ceramic mozaics for easy cleaning at water line. The pond was then sealed with a flexible grey sealer.

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Old Pump station sand filters………………….. New Pump station bead filter, 55UV clarifier ……..