Isivande repaired a small pond in Birdhaven recently. The pond was sealed with a fibre type material that came loose of the structure. All the material was removed and redone in fibreglass. A complete pump station installed: 0.6kw pump, 2 bag clino fish media filter,25 liter bio filter and 15watt UV clarifier. A bottom drain was also fitted with two returns to the pond. One from the bio filter 70% water with a venturi for aeration. One from the UV with 30% water. These items are visible at the rear of the pond, before water was introduced to the pond.

The Pond before Repairs:

Birdhaven Pond - Pump Before RepairsBirdhaven Pond - Before Repairs

It is very important to backwash and loose 10% water per week. With the old gravity system this is not possible or often gets neglected. With the new pressurised system backwashing, rising and waste is done through the filter system. Even though this is a small pond, remember koi are expensive and need healthy water. If you have a crappy filter system be prepared to loose your koi every two years or so.