The pump room has the following advantages: Keeps all equipment away from the elements especially sun and rain. I have seen pump stations destroyed by sun and rain after 3 years. The equipment is costly and should be looked after. In a pump room the equipment after 3 years looks brand new. When you do your backwashing cleaning of filters etc. you are under roof and in a shady environment. Believe me koi keeping is a lifetime endeavour and should not be taken lightly. You should always have double the equipment recommended by the manufacturers. This has various advantages: If a pump breaks down (and they do) you have a second pump running until you can get the other one repaired. When you do your weekly pond maintenance it should be easy to get to equipment. Equipment should not be buried in the ground or under bushes and shrubs.

The plastic bead filter never needs to be opened as the blower cleans the beads, also ensure you have a clear pvc pipe on the backwash pipe so that you can see when the water is clear after blowing, backwash and rinse. Remember to backwash 10% of the water weekly minimum, add salt to 0.3% to 0.35%. You need a salt meter for this, it is essential don’t guess.

1. Pond 50 000 litres

1.1 Bottom drain to one pump station
1.2 Weir to second pump station

2. Pump room

2.1 Pump room size 2m x 3m inside to house 2x pump stations
2.2 Room has a aluminium louver door and internal light
2.3 Room has a cast roof

3. Pump station number 1

1.1 kw pump with suction from bottom drain to a 5 bag plastic bead filter with blower to stir the beads. From here through 4x 50 liter bio filters and back to pond via the cascade over flow creating oxygen in pond

4. Pump station number 2

1.1 kw pump with suction from weir to a 5 bag plastic bead filter with blower to stir the beads. From here through 4x 55 UV lights for algae control and back to pond thru 2x 50mm venturies for water movement and oxygen to pond.

5. Professional switchboard

The switch board electrical works through contactors to switch on a off various pumps, UV’s and blowers. Blower can not be switched on unless pump is switched off on pump station 1 or 2. Pumps and blowers activated via pushbuttons with indicating lights.