A Stand-by Pump is not only important, but it can save you money. Take the following scenario:

You go on your annual holiday to Cape Town for three weeks. You leave your gardener which you have trained well to backwash, clean filters, feed the koi etc but your pump decides to stop working. You get the dreaded call from your maintenance manager… the pump is not working. You frantically start phoning for a new pump but you can’t remember what make or size it is, and who is going to fit it. Your Koi are now in danger of a lack of oxygen and many other problems arising from a stagnent koi pond. You get the picture?

If you had a Stand-by Pump all your manager would need to do is close the one and open the other, via the ball valves. The other advantage is you can switch to the second pump while cleaning filters so your pond does not stand for longer than a couple of seconds.