Why and where unions should be used? Most pond and pool installations are done cheaply as there is a cost factor involved. Most people in South Africa don’t take the time to think long term about their ponds. A koi pond is for life and the koi become valuable after a couple of years.

Koi Pond UnionsKoi Pond UnionsSay you buy 20 koi for an average of R500.00 each. This gives you a total of R 10 000.00. After 5 years the value could be in excess of R 50 000.00 to R 100 000.00 depending on the quality of your koi. So if you build a pond 40 000 litres for cheap say, R 40 000.00 without the right equipment and your fish start dying because there environment is insufficient, you are now losing money and more importantly, your pets that you now love and cherish.

Unions are only one of the fittings required in a pond pump station installation required to make your life easier in the long run. A union allows you to remove any piece of equipment easily when it brakes down or needs to be removed for cleaning or maintenance. A union is a unit that unscrews by hand in seconds allowing you to remove a piece of equipment or sections of pipe work when required. Isivande sells all kinds of unions for koi enthusiasts. See our site for details and prices.