Well, Winter is here with a vengeance! As a result, pond water temperatures are dropping fast and furiously, and fish no longer need to be fed the quantities they enjoyed in the Summer months.

The main reason is that koi go into semi-hibernation when the water temperature goes below 10 degrees, and food does not digest as well as in the warmer months. Our advice is to not feed at all when water is below 10 degrees, as the food ferments in their tummies and could result in death! If the water is say, 13 – 14 degrees, depending on the amount of fish you have, one or two slices of brown bread or a handful of oats daily, is more than adequate (For an in-depth Koi feeding guide, click here). We do however, offer a Winter food of wheatgerm for fish where pond temperatures are more stable, and this food is lighter and more digestible than the heavy Summer food. Contact us if you are interested.