Cobus consulted on, designed and constructed a 1.5m (W) x 3m (L) x 1.8m (D) koi pond at my home.

Cobus applied his experience with design, his deep knowledge of koi ponds, and his expertise with construction when initially surveying the site for the pond. Cobus’s recommendations were bolder and superior to any designs I had imagined. I felt comfortable leaving the entire design and construction – which was tricky due to the pond being installed adjacent to a sunken garage on a rocky slope – to Cobus and his team. Within budget and timeframes, Cobus and his team constructed a stunning pond and cleaned the site meticulously.

The pond has been running perfectly for many years now – the construction of the pond is solid with the drains, inlets and filtering system creating a stable environment requiring very little maintenance. Both Cobus and Annette have been excellent in providing support subsequent to the installation, reminding me of my annual maintenance requirements and responding quickly to any issues I have had with the water or equipment.
My pond is a visual highlight at my home and my fondness for it is only enhanced by the hassle-free construction and post-installation support I receive from Cobus and Annette.

Thank you both for making it an all-round pleasurable experience!

Brendan van Staaden


It is a great comfort to know that my treasured fish (in over 40 000 Litres of ponds) are in good hands and I would recommend the services of these fine folk at any time. You are welcome to contact me for a reference.

Roger Falck


Cobus and Annette of Isivande have been attending to my system of koi ponds for several years now.

I have always found them to be professional and thorough, with a high standard of work. More importantly, on occasion I have required their services in an emergency and they have always made an effort to be available as soon as possible.

I would recommend Isivande to anyone looking for good quality workmanship and service.