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Pool Construction

When that open space in your garden and your growing family are calling for a swimming pool – let us help you design and install the pool best for your space requirements. We will walk you through the many great options when it comes to pool design, shape and colour.

We specialise in marbelite pools. Marbelite is an extremely strong, non-corrosive surface. It has been used in swimming pool surfaces for over 40 years. Marbelite is great for surfacing any design or shape of pool, and creates a strong, long-lasting foundation with an unparalleled resistance to water.

Pool construction can be inconvenient and messy. Our commitment to you, is to provide an expert and efficient work force who are neat and skilled – making pool construction seamless for your family and for your garden.

Pool Renovation

Older pools can be given new life. Sipping drinks on the patio next to your sparkling pool can be a reality again. We can help revive your swimming pool. Stains and algae marks can make your pool look tired and dull. Algae does not have to be something you just live with. With our expertise, we can bring clarity to your swimming pool once again.

Resurfacing rough and aged pool linings, adding underwater lights and other new fittings is just what an older pool needs. Skimmer boxes, pipes, pumps and even new copings or paving are great ways to upgrade your pool.

Perhaps you imagine redesigning your pool area. New steps into your pool, a water feature or new modern edging bricks. These are some great innovations to restyle your entertainment living space.

Pool Maintenance

Allow our experts to help you on a weekly or monthly basis at your home.

We can:

  • Clean, backwash and rinse your water
  • Maintain the walls and floor of your pool
  • Vacuum
  • Maintain your pump
  • Weekly water testing and chemical adjustments
  • Install and monitor chlorine floaters

Once a pool is neglected, it is much more difficult to restore it to its original clarity and beauty. We can preserve the beauty of your pool with our many other services.

We repair and replace pool pumps and filters. We can remarbelite pool surfaces. Leaks and water loss can be repaired. Vacuuming, shock treating and cleaning or replacing of filter sand are all part of our service.

Give us a call to set your plans in motion.