We have recently introduced a new solution to water pollution called Clinobrite 814. It consists of a specific type of Zeolite mineral called clinoptilolite (found in igneous rock) exclusively mined in South Africa.

Clinobrite 814 is a direct substitute for pool filter sand. No fuss, no bother – just sparkling healthy pool water with a significantly reduced chlorine demand. It is a true 21st Century filter medium, with unique ion exchange, molecular sieving and particulate filtration properties. Discerning pool owners and industrial filter operators choose Clinobrite 814.

Why use Clinobrite?

  • Absorbs ammonia
  • Reduces chlorine demand
  • Eliminates the “Chlorine Devil” in your pool
  • No more burning eyes
  • No more unpleasant pool smells
  • Naturally keep ammonia levels in balance
  • Can be regenerated by using a salt solution
  • Environment friendly
  • Absorbs and holds harmful heavy metals such as lead
  • Scavenges some of the most dangerous radionuclides such as Caesium (137?C) and Strontium (90 Sr).


Clinofish is available in a 25kg bag, and the average sized pool will use two bags.
For more information, contact us, and we will gladly assist with all your requirements.