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Pond Upgrade – Bryanston

Isivande refurbished this pond by re marbeliting  and rebuilding the pump station, with a Pump, bead filter, bio filter and UV clarifier. Before

Wetland Pond Converted Swimming Pool – Florida Lake

A old swimming pool takes up a lot of real estate on a owners property. It cost a lot of money to maintain and is used very seldom. Isivande only builds natural swimming pools or wetland ponds. A wetland pond or natural swimming pool is the same concept except that the swimming pool has no fish in it. The wetland [...] Continue Reading

New Double Pond – Cedar Creek Estate

Isivande recently (September 2015) completed this neat double pond in Cedar Creek Estate. The ponds are 4000 litres each, with two individual pump stations. The pond built onto the garage section of the house features two 400mm spouts (stainless steel) or water curtains, as other wise known. The ponds are sealed using the latest rubberising methods. Rubberising is the only […] Continue Reading

New Pond at Hurricane Kim Car Wash

This pond is situated in Randburg at Hurricane Kim totally indoor car wash in Republic road. The pond is 5000 litres. The pond is in the reception area of the car wash. It features two water curtain spouts with a bead/blower filter system, bio filter and UV clarifier. The inside of the pond is rubberised with a 10 year guarantee.

Masked Water Feature for Small Ponds c/w Filter System

Most small pond use a Submersible Pump with a  Gravity filter/Bio Filter and UV light combination. Unfortunately the gravity filter is always visible and spoils the pond’s overall appearance. For pond up to 2000 litres we have a solution. We use a hollow mask to house the filter system. It looks best against a wall as the rear section is […] Continue Reading

Bird Life at your Pond

In the summer and winter months birds need water to drink and bath. In the winter water is scares and birds will arrive in drones at your pond, jumping for joy. So if you like bird life, build a pond. we are in Bramley and we have identified 15-20 different species of birds in about an hour, never mind the […] Continue Reading

Pimp my Pond 2 Kempton Park

The Wetland is the main filter for the pond. The Wetland is filled with filtration pebbles and plants. This becomes a ECO system in time. Within days you will notice Dragonflies, Damselflies and other insects exploring the wetland. Over time frogs and even crabs will inhabit the Wetland. Section 2 is the Pond area where the Koi and other fish […] Continue Reading

Pimp my Pond 1 Bramley

Before. This pond built into a stoop area was a project that needed attention. The pond was 5000 liters with a submersible pump and a few plants. The water was always green and murky. This space looked very empty and uninteresting.   After. The first step was to build a water fall and small river behind the water fall. The […] Continue Reading

Old Pool Converted to Wetland Koi Pond Parkwood

Swimming Pool Conversion to Wetland-Pond Parkwood A lot of people in the Sandton and surrounding areas have swimming pools that cost money to maintain. Firstly a swimming pool is full of chemicals that are toxic and UN natural. Money is spent on acid and chloor to maintain clear water. The chemicals affect our eyes, skin and hair. Not good for [...] Continue Reading

New Double Pump Station and Pump Room Dainfern

This pond in Dainfern used to be a swimming pool. Inside the residence is a lift down to the play room where port holes look into the pond. A pump room was built 2.5 x 1.8 x 2.4 high. This is the only space we had available. Inside the room is 2x 1.1 kw pumps,2x 5 bag fibreglass bead blower […] Continue Reading