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Water Feature Small or Large Ponds – Leaking Taps

Most small pond use a Submersible Pump with a  Gravity filter/Bio Filter and UV light combination. This unit is a Add-ON to enhance your Small Pond look. The height maximum 0.5m high.  Pump has a 10m cord with 2 pin pug. Don’t cut off plug as this will affect the Warrantee. The package consists of the following: 1500 litre Pump and […] Continue Reading

Koi Pond Maintenance by Isivande Koi Ponds

Isivande offers weekly or fortnightly maintenance contracts to our clients providing all equipment to sustain a pond is fully operational. For larger ponds i.e. in excess of 8 000L, we recommend weekly visits and for smaller ponds fortnightly, providing maintenance in alternate weeks is done by the owner. Clients can opt for 6 or 12 month contracts with annual increase notifications […] Continue Reading

How to Choose a Good Koi Pond Builder

If you are entertaining the thought of having someone else build your pond read this article before agreeing to anything!

Mosquito Fish

If you have a Koi pond with some plant life where small fish can live it is fantastic to add some Mosquito fish to your pond.

Water Pollution in Fish Ponds

We have recently introduced a new solution to water pollution called Clinofish. It is a specific type of Zeolite mineral (found in igneous rock) exclusively mined in South Africa, and is a direct substitute for fish pond filter media that scavenges toxic ammonia from pond water.

Do Koi Self-regulate According to Pond Size?

If you have a small Koi pond with say 3000 liters with ten small koi, the koi will be fine for a couple of months or maybe years while they are reasonably small. As they grow however, the ammonia content will increase and the koi will get sick and die off and although this is a form of self regulating, […] Continue Reading

Koi Pond Design

Once you build a pond it is for life, so it is extremely important to get your design right. The picture explains a typical design that works. Isivande uses bead filter material not sand, which means you don’t have to stir the sand every time you backwash. The filter system works from the bottom up as all the beads float to the top.  […] Continue Reading

Fish Pond Maintenance, Repairs and Monitoring

Pond Maintenance We offer monthly or one time calls outs for water checking and fault finding. Monthly maintenance includes two call outs within 15km from our base in Bramley, Johannesburg when we check pHh, temperature and salt content, as well as backwash and check for faulty and worn equipment. Please note that UV lights have to be changed every 6-8 […] Continue Reading

Oxygen in Koi Ponds

Oxygen is one of the most important elements in a koi or fish pond. Ponds need a lot of airation in the water for your fish to breath. Fit a 25mm or 50mm venturi to your inlet into the pond. Remember you can never have enough oxygen in a pond, and never switch of pumps (air pumps, fountains, water pumps […] Continue Reading