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Professional Koi Keeping: Pond Pump Room and Pump Stations

The pump room has the following advantages: Keeps all equipment away from the elements especially sun and rain. I have seen pump stations destroyed by sun and rain after 3 years. The equipment is costly and should be looked after.

Koi Solar Powered Auto Feeder

The auto feeder is for serious Koi enthusiasts. People working long hours and keeping Koi sometimes forget to feed their Koi at regular intervals. With the auto feeder this is a thing of the past.

Professional Plastic Bead/Blower Koi Pond and Swimming Pool Filtration

There are many articles on how to keep your koi pond water clear and healthy. There is always talk about UV lights which is correct but UV lights only take care off algae in the water. All other debris like excrement, dust, leaves and all other air born dirt has to be filtered. When you have over stock of koi […] Continue Reading

Ball Valve vs. Non-Return Valve

A ball valve and non-return valve are there to shut off water flow or water returning to your Koi pond and bleeding the system, or if the pump is taking a long time to start pumping again. If your pump is installed higher than water level, when you switch of the pump to clean the filter all the water runs […] Continue Reading

Electrical Switchboards – Professional Range

Isivande build switchboards for professional Koi enthusiasts with beautiful Koi ponds. All switchboards comply with electrical laws. The boards are metal and powder coated. All switches are selector type with a pilot light showing which pump, UV light or pond light is on. The board is also fitted with a three prong plug on the side for the use of  […] Continue Reading

Stand-By Pump

A Stand-by Pump is not only important, but it can save you money. Take the following scenario:


Why and where unions should be used? Most pond and pool installations are done cheaply as there is a cost factor involved. Most people in South Africa don’t take the time to think long term about their ponds. A koi pond is for life and the koi become valuable after a couple of years.

Fish and Koi Pond Temperature Gun

It is important to know the temperature in your Koi pond as this determine how much and how often to feed your Koi. Temperature also alerts you to the amounts of oxygen to pump into your pond. Koi can eat five times a day if the temperature is over 25° C.

Pond Pump Stations

Isivande make up complete pump stations in various sizes to suit any pond size. The station comes complete mounted on a base with cover box. On the large units the bio filter stands next to the pump station. A typical pump station is made up of the following: Bead filter (not sand filter) c/w valve, 0.6kw to 1.1kw pump, bio […] Continue Reading