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Winter Feeding of Koi

Well, Winter is here with a vengeance! As a result, pond water temperatures are dropping fast and furiously, and fish no longer need to be fed the quantities they enjoyed in the Summer months.

Koi Keeping Realities

Koi keeping is the same as keeping any other animals in a caged condition (Zoo’s for instant). You have to give animals a large area to move about and play. You have to give them lots of attention and care.

Pond Food Regulation for Koi Fish

As no two seasons are the same, the safest way to regulate pond food is to use a thermometer to measure temperature, and then feed fish according to this suggested table:

How many Koi should you have in your Pond?

To determine the amount of fish to put in your pond, you have to measure the square meters of the surface. To calculate the surface area is simply length x width = m² area, for example a pond which is 3m wide x 6m long has a surface area of 18m². When introducing fish into a new pond you should […] Continue Reading

About Koi Fish

Koi (or nishikigoi) are decorative varieties of the common carp, bred in Japan and are also sometimes called Japanese carp. They were originally found in Asia and Central Europe, and were then domesticated in China and South East Asia. They were able to spread to many new locations throughout Japan because of their ability to survive and adapt to different […] Continue Reading

Types of Koi Fish

The following list is an overview of a couple of different types of Koi. Not all types are listed here and many belong to a certain category. Asagi Asagi are light blue koi, with red bellies. It’s Japanese name translates to “light blue” but is sometimes written wrong and translates to “light yellow”. Doitsu Doitsu-goi are German mirrow Carp. They […] Continue Reading